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Shane and Sally Investigation Moving Forward

On July 10th the Federal Bureau of Investigation Evidence Response Team (ERT) deployed from Dallas, Texas to Tom Green County to assist in two crime scene searches, one located at O. C. Fisher Reservoir and the other at Twin Buttes Reservoir.  These crime scenes are related to the homicides of Shane Stewart and Sally McNelly (1988).

These highly trained and equipped teams operate at an exceptional level of competence to ensure evidence is collected in such a manner that it can be introduced in courts throughout the U.S. and the world.

The Tom Green County Sheriff’s Office has made a commitment to the solving of this case and will leave no stone unturned until this case is solved. The ERT’s response was a direct offer of support originating with the local FBI office.

Members of the ERT systematically searched the crime scene and items of possible evidentiary nature were recovered and will be submitted for laboratory testing.

As the investigation continues to unfold, the Tom Green County Sheriff’s Office urges anyone with information on the murder of Shane Stewart and Sally McNelly to contact the Sheriff’s Office at 325-655-8111 or at the Sheriff’s Office web page listed below. If people with information wish to remain anonymous they can also contact Crime Stoppers at 325-658-HELP.


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