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The Tom Green County Sheriff’s Office is notifying citizens of Tom Green County of a phone scam circulating in San Angelo and Tom Green County.

The Tom Green County Sheriff’s Office received a report of someone posing as Tom Green County Deputies using the names of Sgt. Richard Brooks and Lt. Keith Muncey, the caller states they are employees with the Sheriff’s Office.  Calls are made to residents telling them they have outstanding arrest warrants for Failure to Appear and Contempt of Court for missing jury duty on an ongoing murder trial. 

This is a very sophisticated phone scam; the caller has spoofed the Sheriff’s Office number and set up an answering service.  The caller leaves a voicemail if you do not answer the call and ask you to return their call as soon as possible in reference to a civil matter.  The number given is the number to the Sheriff’s Office (655-8111) and when called the answering service indicates you have reached the Sheriff’s Office.  No one answers your call and if you leave a message and call back number, a person posing as Sgt. Richard Brooks returns your call.  

Victims are being told they will go to jail unless they pay their fine immediately.  The caller tells them to pay using a Money Pak card, usually purchased from Dollar General or Family Dollar.  A specific amount of cash is asked to be put on the money cards.  The caller will instruct the resident to drive to the Sheriff’s Office and use the Kiosk machine located inside the lobby.  The caller will ask you to give the serial number of the cards before you make the transfer so the card can be verified.

These scammers are hard to catch because everything is done over the telephone.  If you should receive one of these calls, please hang up on the caller and block their number.  Then call the Sheriff’s Office at 325-655-8111or stop by in person to report the incident.  DO NOT give any personal information over the telephone. 

Individuals with outstanding warrants are not contacted by telephone or email asking for payment by means of a money card or credit card. 


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