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In any emergency situation dial 9-1-1.

In non-emergency situations, contact:



To provide the efficient exchange of information in the best interest of public safety.

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Tom Green County Dispatch is responsible for fielding emergency and non-emergency calls for fire and medical services within the unincorporated area of Tom Green County.

Dispatch is an essential service within the Tom Green County Sheriff’s Office. A 24/7 operation, our Dispatch Center provides the highest quality, professionally competent public-safety services to the residents of Tom Green County. Dispatch is the critical link between the community and patrol units in the field. The Tom Green County Sheriff's Office provides 911 emergency and non-emergency intake, teletype and dispatch services for all unincorporated areas of Tom Green County, which includes Grape Creek, Carlsbad, Water Valley, Wall, Christoval, and other areas within the 1,541 square miles that encompass Tom Green County.

Many times our dispatchers are the first to speak with a citizen during an emergency and must provide accurate information to the citizen and relay the information to the responding deputies. Assertiveness, as well as sensitivity to the needs of the public, is critical to ensure appropriate information is gathered and transmitted according to the situation. All of our dispatchers are cross-trained in call taking and the dispatching of deputies to calls for service.

How do I know when to dial 911?  Anytime you find yourself in a situation that requires an emergency response from a law enforcement agency, a fire department, or an ambulance service you should call 911.  As a general rule, if you face a situation where you are trying to911 Emergency text on red circle decide whether to dial 911 or not, DIAL 911.  It is always better to be safe than risk the chance of not getting the help you need, when you need it. If you have a situation that you need to report, but the incident is over and non-threatening (not in progress, suspects are unknown or not seen), i.e., theft of personal property, previous criminal mischief/vandalism, a theft from an auto that occurred during the night, then you may want to contact the Tom Green County Sheriff’s Office to report the incident by calling (325) 655-8111.

What can I expect when I call 911?  When you dial 911, your call will be answered by an E-911 Dispatcher. The dispatcher will conduct an interview to determine the type of emergency service needed.  Questions generally asked fall into key questions of WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE and depending on the situation, WHY.  It's important to carefully listen to the dispatcher and answer the questions. The dispatcher must ask you specific questions in order to ensure you receive the kind of help you need.  It may seem you are asked too many questions and a lot of time has passed, however trained dispatchers will only ask questions that are necessary in getting you the proper help. This generally takes less than 30-45 seconds.  Often times the dispatcher will start emergency response units and will return to ask follow-up questions.  The main objective is to remain calm and listen to the dispatcher's is on the way.

How can you help?  One of the most significant problems emergency responders face is that the majority of homes do not have their current address displayed, or properly displayed, so emergency responders can readily see it.  We are fortunate to have a good addressing system in Tom Green County. 

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With our E-911 system, emergency responders may know what your address is, but locating a residence where the address is not prominently displayed can be difficult, take valuable time, and may have serious and tragic results in situations where seconds count.  Giving the E-911 dispatcher detailed directions is very helpful, but keep in mind that in some cases it could still take time to find your residence. Having your address displayed on both sides of your mailbox, at the end of your driveway, or on the house itself, in large easy to read numbers make it easier for emergency response units to locate your residence.  In the event your mailbox is not near your residence, or in a location where multiple mailboxes are located, displaying your address in a location that identifies your residence (at the end of your driveway, or on the house itself) is extremely helpful in getting help to you or a loved one in an emergency. 

House Watch Program

This free service was designed to allow Tom Green County residents a peace of mind while on vacation or away. In order to be placed on the House Watch List, contact Dispatch at (325) 655-8111 at least 24 hours prior to departure. Once the requested information is entered into our system, deputies will periodically check the house during the day and night. If your plans change after the watch has started, call Dispatch to adjust the dates.


Business Registry

This service is dedicated to Tom Green County businesses. It allows them to register with the Sheriff’s Office in an effort to expedite after-hours and emergency contacts. To participate, the Business Registry Form must be completed and faxed to Dispatch at (325) 659-3242


Gate Code Registry

The Gate Code Registry is provided by the Tom Green County Sheriff’s Office to citizens who have residences and/or businesses that are secured by a pass code-protected entrance. This is to assist deputies responding to emergencies or providing mutual aid at those locations. To be included, the Gate Code Registry Form should be completed and faxed to Dispatch at (325) 659-3242

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For information on road conditions please visit or call toll-free (800)452-9292.

For information on the weather please visit or call The National Weather Service San Angelo 325-944-9445.

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