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COVID -19 UPDATE 5/29/2020


On Wednesday, 05/27/2020, an employee of the Tom Green County Jail tested positive for the COVID-19 Virus.  As a result of the positive test, close work associates and three inmates were identified as having potentially been exposed to the virus and sent for testing.  As a result of the subsequent testing, one additional employee has tested positive for the COVID-19 Virus.  This particular employee was a close work associate of the initial employee. The second employee to test positive has also been placed in quarantine in accordance with the Local Health Authority and the CDC.  Of note, this employees' duties were not inside the main jail facility at 122 W. Harris and he was not in a position to interact with the main jail population,  receive packages,  or otherwise interact with the public.  Due to the job duties of this employee, no additional inmates of the Tom Green County Jail were exposed by this employee. 


As of today, no inmates within the Tom Green County Jail have exhibited signs or symptoms of COVID-19.  Those inmates who have been previously  tested for COVID-19  remain under quarantine until negative results  are received and they have been symptom free for 14 days.  To date, no inmates within the Tom Green County Jail have tested positive for COVID-19.  Rigorous screening, quarantining, and testing protocols remain in place at the Tom Green County Jail to keep the risk inside the facility as low as possible.  The Tom Green County Sheriff's Office continues to work with Dr. Vretis and Shannon Hospital to maintain a healthy and safe environment while continuing to fulfill our public safety duties to Tom Green County. 

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